Airport parking companies that leave your vehicle at the PUB

Companies offering ‘secure’ airport parking are actually leaving their customers vehicles at the pub.

An investigation has found that businesses saying they offer “high security facilities” are actually leaving cars in abandoned pub car parks with no security or manned staff.

Manchester council has now promised to stop these companies and have said they have received complaints from the public regarding damaged cars and staff that don’t turn up for 5 hours.

One of these companies has said they feel “squeezed out” by the official car parking services and have resorted to these measures to stay competitive.

Always try and use "Park Mark" endorsed facilities.
Always try and use “Park Mark” endorsed facilities.

What Car Parks Are Involved?

The Manchester Evening News discovered four public houses during their investigation. The Cornishman, Woodpecker, The Happy Man and Mountain Ash – all being used to store customers cars.

The newspaper also traced a company directly linked to the pub car parks. “Cheshire Meet & Greet” was found leaving vehicles at the Cornishman Pub. This car park has no security features and is accessible from the road.

The newspaper found firm Cheshire Meet and Greet was leaving vehicles at the Cornishman pub, where there is no fencing and bays are accessible from the road.

The business charges £15 a day, £35 a week or £57 for a fortnight’s parking.

A staff member insisted there was someone on site ’24/7′ and said it was ‘a holding area only’.

Pub landlord Phil Osborne, the licensee for 38 years, said the car park had been used as an ‘overspill’ by the firm.

Elsewhere, the manager of VIP Parking said they used the Woodpecker pub as a place to leave vehicles.

He insisted the pub was used for a matter of ‘hours only’ and longer only if a flight was delayed. He said there was always a staff member on site and CCTV cameras were deployed.

He added: ‘We have a full-time car park in Hale where we store cars.

Customers discovered their vehicles being left in all sorts of odd places!
Customers discovered their vehicles being left in all sorts of odd places!

Dash Cams Are Catching Them

Some customers have found footage on their dash cams showing where their vehicle is kept overnight. Some of this footage has been used in Trading Standards investigations.

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  • Doesn’t surprise me one bit. It’s a minefield leaving your car with independent car parks these days – far better to pay more and park on-site!

  • I parked with value parking last year. Came back after the holiday and there was 570 more miles on the clock than when I left!!!!!

    Car park say there wasn’t and I can’t actually prove it! No idea where my car ended up whilst we were away!

  • Every few years these stories come out. When will people ever learn!


  • Like the article says, you really should use Park Mark services. They get vetted by the Police so at the end of the day there’s unlikely to be any funny business going on.

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